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Immediate Release - March 9, 2016 

From fast-flowing rivers to the turbulent waves of the open sea, the ELASTEC BoomVane is a simple but powerful device to deploy floating oil containment boom. This unique device acts like a sail but is pulled by the flow of water instead of the wind, towing the boom from the side of a ship or a river bank.

On the water’s surface you see the BoomVane’s bright orange float, below the surface there is a row of vertical wings that harness the flow of water, propelling the Boom Vane with the boom in tow.

The larger models are used with a response vessel at sea, held by a single mooring line, it swings away from the vessels side with the oil boom in tow. This powerful tool enables rapid boom deployment without the use of secondary tow boats.

Stewart Ellis, Elastec vice president, explains, “The ELASTEC BoomVane is available in four sizes, from 0.5m up to 2 metres. The size selected will depend upon the length of boom, size of the boom and the ship.“

New 1.5 Meter ELASTEC BoomVane - Performance Test in France “Exceeded Expectations” 


In 2014 Elastec introduced a new 1.5 metre BoomVane which complemented the range and fulfilled the need to handle 1 to 1.5m oil containment booms in in coastal and open waters.

To prove its performance, the 1.5m ELASTEC BoomVane model was tested in 2014 and 2015 offshore Brest, on France’s Atlantic coast. On both occasions a 80-meter French Navy vessel deployed the 1.5m unit with 2m and 1.5m offshore booms with great success. The BoomVane was able to hold the booms steady for hours at a time.

The test was arranged by Ellis and Jeff Cantrell, president, from Elastec, at the request of the French Navy. Several other organizations witnessed the event, including representatives of the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency and major French and Italian energy firms.

“We were anxious to learn how the swath width would vary with different lengths of boom behind the 1.5m BoomVane,” said Cantrell, “and we wanted to know how much force and towing capacity it had. It performed remarkably well.”

History of the BoomVane

Magnus Claeson, inventor, devised the innovative boom-launching concept while working as an environmental consultant in the Far East river delta. To protect fish farms and rice fields from oil spills, Claeson recognized the need for a fast and portable boom deployment system that could easily be operated in remote, shallow waters, without boats.

Claeson contacted Peter Lofgren, a machine design engineer and graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, to bring the concept to reality. With a high-tech sailing background, Lofgren developed a remarkably light, yet powerful design, merging the science of sailing with the art of flying a kite – fueled only by the water’s current.

Elastec, headquartered in Carmi, Illinois, USA has the exclusive rights to manufacture and market the ELASTEC BoomVane world-wide.

Posted on March 21st, 2016